Managing creditworthiness and receivables has become more important than ever in the wake of the economic downturn. But are U.S. businesses taking advantage of the technological advances available to them?

At May’s upcoming NACM Credit Congress & Exposition in Las Vegas, Fensterstock will be presenting case studies focused on companies who yielded significant benefits—improved resource allocation, cost reductions and forecasting of bad debt reserves—through implementing credit scoring systems that electronically determine which customers are at risk of slipping into delinquency and when they should be addressed. Fensterstock, who gave an abbreviated preview of his “Cashing in With Portfolio (Collection) Scoring” Credit Congress session in a March 22 teleconference, which is available through replay, says such technology can be particularly helpful to companies forced to slash resources at a time when it is more costly to collect money owed than in previous years.

Additional information on NACM’s 114th Annual Credit Congress is available here.    Brian Shappell, NACM staff writer

BIIA Newsletter April II – 2010 Issue