Apptus LogoThe company is being given further funding by the Vinnova agency to develop its innovative software solution

Apptus Technologies has won additional funds from Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency.  The software company is using the grant to invest in further research based on its forward-looking strategy which implements automation as the future of ecommerce.

Thanks to its e-commerce personalisation solution, Apptus was able to beat several hundred competitors within in an open competition for a Vinnova “innovative business projects” grant. With its research project “Automated System for Objectives Driven Merchandising” the company is tackling changing trends in the market and setting new standards for automated and personalised e-commerce. Apptus eSales combines big data with predictive analysis and real-time processing. Based on a self-learning unified solution, any online shop can be immediately adapted to fit individual user behaviour. Apptus eSales is a working solution and has won six-figure financial support from the Swedish innovation agency.

Automation – the future of e-commerce

“This award is further proof of Apptus’ leading position in personalisation and automated e-commerce. We believe our individual approach, targeted at the needs of the specific customer, is breaking new ground. In view of the significant growth in data and the need for genuine real-time communication, an automated and unified procedure is needed to develop e-commerce for future needs. The large market demand shows that our research into automation is going in just the right direction,” said Sören Meelby, Vice President Marketing at Apptus. Andrew Fowler, representative for the UK market, added: “The support from Sweden’s government shows that Apptus is innovation-wise always one step ahead.”

About:  VINNOVA is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation, as well as funding needs-driven research.

Source: Apptus Press Release