ArachnysA practical guide to Brazil’s data and regulatory landscape

As regulators demand greater sophistication from AML and compliance operations, global institutions are having to up-skill their teams and develop strategies to keep on top of developing regulatory and data landscapes. While many companies are able to build diverse teams of country specialists resembling a ‘mini United Nations’ within compliance departments, analysts often have to quickly become familiar with public databases and litigation and media environments in countries – and languages – they were previously unfamiliar with.

We have provided insight into navigating some of the trickier public company databases in our popular Behind the Paywall blog series. Today we are launching a new series of Country Audit reports that goes beyond this to give a broad introduction to the media, litigation and regulatory landscape as well as providing a quick reference to the time and cost associated with ordering company documents.

Find out:

  • The highest-circulation news titles, media ownership landscape and factors affecting open reporting
  • Why accessing public company registers is challenging for non-resident investigators
  • Where documents on commercial bankruptcy cases are published
  • Which public agencies publish compliance-relevant information

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Source:  Arachnys