ArvatoArvato Financial Solutions and INFORM today announced a strategic partnership to deliver complementary fraud management services and content to insurance businesses – enabling rapid deployment of fraud detection technology, integration services and consultancy.

With the new global agreement, Arvato Financial Solutions and INFORM aim to deliver a Rapid Deployment Solution enhancing the SAP® Fraud Management for Insurance analytic application. SAP Fraud Management for Insurance helps insurance companies automate and optimize fraud detection, improve fraud investigation efficiency and avoid payments on illegitimate claim requests.

The collaboration is expected to provide significant value for insurance companies around the globe and across all insurance business lines. It allows insurance companies to choose from a broad set of predefined fraud detection rules and content, combined with insurance fraud and analysis expertise and skills offered by INFORM and Arvato Financial Solutions.

Key benefits for insurance companies will be:

  • Mix of best-in-breed fraud detection technologies powered by SAP Fraud Management for Insurance and the SAP HANA® platform, plus in-depth fraud expertise gained from INFORM RiskShield software;
  • Development of a Rapid Deployment Solution enables faster deployment of SAP Fraud Management for Insurance through built-in content for all business lines in insurance;
  • Benefit of INFORM´s knowledge and technology to provide a robust and flexible, easy-to-handle integration into customer´s system landscape;
  • Delivery of professional expertise and best-practice models in claims process optimization, governance, risk and compliance management by INFORM’s and Arvato Financial Solutions’ know-how and consultancy services.


As compliance requirements shift and the volume and variety of fraud increases, insurers need to find ways to detect and manage irregularities quickly and efficiently. Combining SAP Fraud Management for Insurance, which is based on the SAP HANA platform, with Arvato´s and INFORM´s deep expertise will be tremendously beneficial to insurance companies around the globe. It gives insurers the tools, services and support they need to manage the complex compliance landscape and successfully fight financial crime and fraud.


INFORM is a global provider of claims process optimization, workflow automation, compliance and fraud management solutions. It assesses the potential for claim fraud and medical billing fraud in real time and performs risk assessment within insurance application data. Using a predictive approach, RiskShield incorporates time proven methods such as fuzzy logic, pattern recognition, business rules, and the use of both internal and external data sources to score claims quickly that effectively result in valuable insights on fraudulent behavior. Throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia, RiskShield has been deployed in more than 40 insurance companies and protects some of the world’s largest insurers, including AXA, GEICO and Zurich. More than 1,000 companies worldwide benefit from using advanced optimization software systems by INFORM in industries such as insurance, payment & card fraud management, transport logistics, airport resource management, production planning. INFORM has over 550 employees from more than 30 countries.

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About Arvato Financial Solutions:

Arvato Financial Solutions is synonymous with professional outsourcing services (Finance BPO) centering on reducing underwriting risk and support claims fraud detection and investigation by offering access to proprietary databases and professional services. As a financial solutions provider, we manage around 10,000 customers, specializing primarily in the insurance, retail/e-commerce, telecommunications, banking and healthcare sectors. This makes us Europe’s third largest integrated financial service provider. The company is a leading supplier of credit information for the German insurance industry. In addition, informa HIS GmbH, a subsidiary of Arvato Financial Solutions, has been selected to build and operate the exclusive fraud data pool (HIS) for the German insurance association (GDV) in 2011.

Source: Arvato Press Release