Arvato Financial Solutions is taking its step-by-step option and has increased its holdings of Intervalor shares to 81.5 per cent. After initially acquiring 40 per cent of interest in Intervalor shares in June 2015, this is a further important step within the consistent internationalization of Arvato Financial Solutions. Both parties have come to an understanding that the financial details of the transaction will not be published. Local executive structure remains unchanged.

Intervalor is one of the big players in South America and has shown a dynamic development since its foundation in 1999. The company operates from two locations in the São Paulo area and currently has around 3,000 employees. Its services are set up similarly to those of Arvato Financial Solutions. As there is no geographical overlap, first and foremost this move has increased the international availability of Arvato services with local experts on the ground and familiarity with the legal situation there.

By acquiring the majority of shares, Arvato is driving forward the company’s integration in the areas of finance & accounting, tools & processes and Bertelsmann standards. Consequently, the focus of Arvato will now be to compare relevant processes and products in countries where receivables management is realized similarly to Brazil as, for example, in Spain and UK in order to unleash synergies in product development and operations.

About Intervalor

Intervalor is a major Brazilian service provider, focusing oncredit generation, collection, back office and IT solutions as well as customer relationship. Since its founding in 1999, the constant search for innovation is an important differential feature of the company. Linked to the development of its own technological solutions, these innovations enable Intervalor to add value to the services it provides, offering cost reductions through the optimization of business processes.

The operating model of the company includes a thorough analysis of each client’s business environment to develop a fully customized solution in line with the best market practices and needs for banks, real state, credit card holders, retail, health care, NPL and telecommunications industries.

Intervalor is headquartered in São Paulo, with approximately 3,000 employees. Among other services, Intervalor performs 1.5 million credit assessments, generates more than 400 million R$ in car-loans, and services more than 15 million active debtors and 15,000 active users of their self-developed IT solutions. Interactions with consumers amount to more than 100 million contacts per year.

About:  Arvato (Bertelsmann) provides a complete range of financial solutions for public and private sector clients operating in national and international markets.  We offer integrated solutions for the active and value-based management of all customer relationships and cash flows that help to safeguard payment flows during every stage of the customer life cycle. Our comprehensive range of solutions spans from risk management, invoicing and payment processing, to collections – as well as fully integrated Finance & Accounting BPO.  We draw on more than 50 years’ of experience to help our clients meet their strategic goals, whether that means reducing costs, supporting expansion, increasing revenues or improving customer satisfaction. Our finance services are flexibly structured and address all types of relationship: business-to-business, business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer, in both traditional and online environments.

Source: Arvato Press Release