Arvato Financial Solutions, a Bertelsmann Group subsidiary, opens its first own dedicated IT entity in an opening ceremony. The IT centre was initially founded in 2016 as a shared facility with other parts of the Bertelsmann group. International financial services provider Arvato is expanding its base of digital expertise in the Estonian capital. The new premises will create 30 additional places for IT experts.

Commenting on the opening, Agnes Makk, Director of the IT Center Estonia, says: “Over the past three years, we have not only implemented and developed innovative payment and fraud prevention solutions. We were also able to significantly advance the know-how that we have here on site for the development of the entire company’s digital infrastructure.”

“We are therefore delighted that we will continue to play a key role from our office, not only for Arvato Financial Solutions, but for the other Bertelsmann subsidiaries.”

Since 2016, 70 experts from 19 nations have been hired to join the Tallinn office. The move to the new building will add 30 specialists to that number to significantly advance the digitization of the company, ensuring successful expansion capabilities for Arvato Financial Solutions.

Estonia has long been regarded worldwide as a pioneer and leading nation within digitization, and the decision to invest in Tallinn was natural, given the proximity of so many highly-skilled IT professionals. Rolf Hellermann, CEO of Arvato Financial Solutions, emphasizes: “The goal is to further expand and intensify our expertise, especially in the IT environment. For this, we find the ideal conditions in Estonia. Here, outstanding expertise and entrepreneurial action are combined impressively, assets that we value very much and that are in complete harmony with Bertelsmann values.”

To further promote this expertise, the company announces at the ceremony that it has just signed a contract with the Universities of Tallinn (TalTech) and Tartu. It financially supports the local institutes with 30.000 € to further promote scientific work and education around IT issues – and in turn invest in the digital future of Arvato Financial Solutions.

Source: Arvato Press Release