Marketing iStock_000009165208SmallArvato Bertelsmann is to expand its consumer data business.  Achim Berg, Arvato’s CEO stated in an interview with the German Business Magazine Wirtschafts Woche that the Bertelsmann Group was ‘sitting on a treasure trove’ of consumer and marketing data.  Arvato is currently evaluating to what extend this internal data, which heretofore was housed in separate Bertelsmann data silos, can be linked and enriched with other data and made available to its clients.  It is all about intelligent marketing and help customers to identify and address markets.

Berg has also stated that he personally has taken an interest in building Arvato’s data business, which accounts for 10% of Arvato’s revenues of Euro 4.4 billion (2013).

Arvato is a global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services and supports business/B2B clients across a wide range of industries in maintaining successful customer relations by designing and delivering customized/bespoke solutions in nearly 40 countries. Its wide range of services includes data management, customer services, customer relations services, supply chain management, digital distribution, financial services, professional and customized IT services, and all services related to the creation and distribution of printed materials and digital storage media.  It operates the second largest consumer credit bureau in Germany (Arvato Infoscore).

Source:  Wirtschafts Woche