The latest research from Media Partners Asia (MPA), publisher of Asia Media Journal, shows advertising in Asia-Pacific falling by 1.1% in net terms in 2009, representing the first decline the region will have experienced since the 1998 financial crisis. MPA anticipates recovery in 2010, projecting 5.3% growth next year.  “The gap between perception and reality is closing fast, with ad demand deteriorating in key markets, depressing earnings for media owners,” says MPA executive director Vivek Couto.  “A sustained recovery is unlikely without a strong pick-up in the global economy, expected to occur next year.”

Previously, MPA guided for 1.5% growth this year but the advertising fall-out in Japan has intensified, while softness in India and China is more marked than anticipated. There could also be more downside revisions due to potentially worse declines in Australia, as well as a weaker India outlook.

BIIA Newletter April 2009 Issue