As leading global business intelligence experts, AsianCIS® in coordination with holding company, GlobalCIS® have recently completed development and release of their most recent portfolio of advanced credit and risk algorithms.

The proprietary software in which these various algorithms are structured significantly increases the accuracy and extent with which GlobalCIS® credit reports provide to customers worldwide.

It was announced that these sophisticated algorithms would assist customers to significant reduce exposure to risk and provide Insurance Underwriters with greater confidence in extending Trade Finance to companies in both advanced and developing countries. “Any Credit Manager, Insurance Underwriter or Trade Finance Analyst seeking one source of reliable credit and risk intelligence will find solace in knowing that by using our regional and global credit data will provide unprecedented accuracy,” said Sebastian Young, Senior Director of the GlobalCIS® Group.

AsianCIS® supported by GlobalCIS® have maintained a successful track record for over 40 years in producing an extensive range of commercial due diligence and credit/risk reports.

Joyce Wang further emphasized “The experience Covid Pandemic has provided to the world’s credit information industry is that although database information provides some degree of insight into the creditworthiness of companies, freshly investigated credit reports supported with these types of sophisticated algorithms will remain the backbone of ensuring Credit Managers and Underwriters to consistently minimize risk.

About: GlobalCIS® Group is one of the largest independent producers and suppliers of commercial credit reports and credit information database products in the world.

We are credit information experts who analyse credit data and the creditworthiness of companies globally, enabling us to deliver competitive advantage to customers and licensed Re-sellers.

We have an interconnected business network consisting of over 1,200 experienced credit analysts across 240 offices in 230 countries – allowing us to produce a range of the world’s most advanced and reliable credit information products.

We are driven by long term partnerships, and seek to build relationships with our customers and business partners worldwide.

We work with our customers to ensure that the quality, capability and cultural fit of our credit information products exceeds expectations. When you contact GlobalCIS®, you’re dealing directly with a corporation that analyses, assesses and produce state-of-art credit reports in 230 countries, EVERY minute of the day. We maintain state-of-art expertise in every element of credit analysis /credit reporting production, and combined with our extensive experience and dedication, gives us the edge to meet the needs of our customers’ in an industry that is always changing.

Source: GlobalCIS® Group (incorporating AsianCIS®) Press Release