Former Cloudability Asia Pacific general manager Craig Deveson and former head of programmatic and digital entrepreneurship at Coles Michael Twomey have teamed up to launch a new tech start-up aimed at sorting out customer data for enterprises.

The new company, Soow – pronounced “Sow” – was officially launched at the Myriad Festival 2018 in Brisbane, where the start-up is headquartered, following a soft introduction to the market that has seen the company pick up a number of early clients.

According to Deveson, who launched the start-up after completing his earnout period following the acquisition of his cloud management and service broker business Cloud Manager (CloudMGR) by US-based Cloudability in early 2017, the new venture is aimed at tackling a “huge” industry problem around customer data.

“Soow is a new generation customer data platform designed to address what we see is the customer data crisis in the market at the moment,” Deveson told ARN, “whereby corporations may or may not know if they’re complying with the law, or alternatively, are they doing what the customer thinks should be happening with their data?”

For Twomey, who also works as an advisor for customer identity solution provider Signal, the Soow platform is a software application designed to bring the corporate and the consumer together to create a customer data platform on which customer data can be utilised while still being held to industry data standards, meaning that data can be used in a compliant way.

Source: ARN Net