Australia’s Victorian Government was the victim of another cyberattack.

Local press bureaus that broke the news reported that work emails, job titles, work phone numbers, and even mobile phone numbers of 30,000 public servants had been stolen. Those affected were promptly emailed about the hack.

Although the data itself isn’t quite personal, a professor that ABC News spoke to said that the dataset could be valuable to anyone trying to influence government decision making.

“Whether that’s for commercial reasons about winning a contract or whether you were an international state player who might have an interest — financial or policy wise — all of these types of people could be advantaged by the information that was actually hacked,” said University of Melbourne Cybersecurity and Privacy Researcher Suelette Dreyfus.

While the cyberattack isn’t entirely surprising given the number of incidents last year, it is expected that the number of attacks will go down in the coming months.

Source: Techwire Asia