Veda Advantage released on June 3rd, figures showing the incidence of identity theft in Australia is increasing, with 4.4 million Australians (26%) affected by identity theft, compared to 3.8 million (23%) for the same period last year. 

Veda Advantage’s indexed Identity Theft Report, conducted by Galaxy Research, also found despite increasing attacks of identity theft, 67% of Australians have failed to take even simple measures to protect their identity. This is only a marginal improvement from the 70% of Australians who said they had not taken any steps to protect their identity in March 2008.  The report indicates more than a quarter of the Australian population has been affected by identity theft, either personally, or within their friend and family networks. The cost of identity theft to Australians is reported to be $3.5 billion annually according to the NSW Crimes Commission.

Source: VedaAdvantage

BIIA Newsletter September 2009 Issue