Remitter, a fintech platform that improves bill payment rates by communicating to consumers digitally, has just finalised its acquisition of US-based Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, following a successful pre-IPO USD $12m cap raise led by Canaccord Genuity. The raise was cornerstoned by Allium Capital and Casey Capital.

Remitter is a white-label communications platform, founded in Australia, which uses AI to optimise customer engagement and enhance the recovery of accounts receivables. Currently many organisations face challenges in collecting bill payments on time, with 46% of customers paying late according to Aite Group research.

By analysing behavioural heuristics to automate each customer’s experience with branded messaging and payment options, Remitter increases customer recoveries by as much as 280 percent, significantly improving cash flow.

Remitter entered the US market in 2020, following two years of development including compliance across states and territories and collaboration with clients to ensure an optimal feature set.

“Entering the US market involved ensuring the Remitter platform was compliant in all 52 states, each with its own different laws and regulations around payments. To accomplish this in just two years is a huge milestone and achievement,” said Simon Scalzo, Executive Director, Remitter.

The acquisition of Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, a leader in receivables management services, increases headcount to over 200 employees. The business has already amassed more than 20 blue chip customers, including a significant take-up in digitally native customers. The US alone represents a USD $4 trillion potential market.

“We created Remitter after identifying a clear gap in the re-payments industry. By making payments frictionless and easy, and engaging with customers in a more targeted way, companies can manage unpaid invoices far more effectively,” said Stephen Borg, Chairperson, Remitter Group.

“Our acquisition of Mercantile Adjustment Bureau is an outstanding opportunity to access a significant client base and use our technology to increase end-user satisfaction through flexibility and convenience, while increasing penetration and conversion for our clients.”

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau services many of the USA’s leading brands and verticals, including Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 banks, financial institutions, retailers, universities, and auto industries.

The acquisition of Mercantile is anticipated to propel the company’s revenue to $US18.4 million in 2022, according to company forecasts.

Remitter has aggressive plans for growth in the Americas with continued expansion in the USA, Canada, and South America organically and by acquisition.

Source:  AsiaOne news