iStock_000020584781SmallAn Austrian information broker (Kreditinform) had bribed public sector officials to obtain information on suits, leans and judgments

An Austrian court sentenced a former information broker to a three year imprisonment, but suspended the sentence.  During the period of 2002 to 2010 the broker bribed official to obtain court documents.  He sold the data as credit information to clients and to the information company Deltavista.  In this connection 12 public sector officials received sentences last year between six and 24 months.

Austria stopped public notices due to data protection laws, which prompted the data broker to bribe court officials who got paid Euro 1.50 per page.  Prosecution claimed that during 2002 and 2010 the data broker received 170,000 documents.  One of the most ‘diligent’ official received Euro 130,000.  The court wants to reclaim Euro 1.5 million from the defendant.  Hardly a possibility since the defendant is now in retirement.

All individuals received suspended sentences, which is hardly a deterrent.