ResalespotResalespot was founded with a goal to provide an exciting and useful mechanism that enables users for automated bidding by utilizing existing skill sets.  The platform differentiates itself from rest of the market in key areas of bid lists and auctions process. Our unique technology eliminates the time consuming auction process and provides a one stop shop for our clients.  Resalespot’s virtual environment proudly offers a professionally designed, easy-to-use and transparent solution by creating a new trend d in e-commerce.

What is Resalespot? Digital era is transforming our lifestyle and work performance. Resalespot automates bidding process between buyer and seller. It offers real time updates of entire auction, saves your time, eliminates human errors, and optimizes your workforce in many ways.

Who can use Resalespot?  User can be anyone (buyer/seller), any industry, and any business without geographical limitations which is dealing with any product in bulk, wholesale, large quantity by exchanging data on spreadsheets.

To view the Resalespot presentation lick on this link: Resalespot Presentation

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