Avention OneSource Solutions 300Rob Eaton, Director of Sales, International, at Avention comments on an age old concept of cold calling and has 5 approaches or steps to overcome ‘big freeze’ reservations about this concept.

Cold calls are likely to send a shiver down the spine of even the most experienced sales professional. It’s a completely justified response. Good sales approaches rely on deep research into prospective customers and the crafting of solutions that bring real value to each specific customer. Yet this is all too often ignored by salespeople when they make cold calls ─ turning the science of selling back into a game of chance.

And it’s such an outdated concept. Customer-centred, data-savvy and growth-focused organisations use sophisticated technologies to reach the right audiences at the right times with the right messages. So why are sales professionals still expected to go back to the ice age when it comes to making calls?

I’m working with customers right now ─ both large and small ─ who are turning up the heat on cold calls and using the same data-driven principles that organisations routinely apply across other channels. It is an approach that is already paying dividends for a range of businesses, from IT & software companies to recruitment firms, professional services and leading global banks.

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