Avention OneSource Solutions 300Builds on Ability to Fuel Customers’ B2B Sales and Account-Based Marketing

Avention, maker of OneSource® Solutions for smarter business insights, announced enhancements to its applications and data solutions that accelerate a data-driven approach to B2B sales and marketing. These solutions enable customers to access and leverage Avention global data and insights in ways that best match a range of business needs around data enablement and account-based marketing (ABM), fueling sales and marketing excellence.

OneSource platform user activity has increased by nearly 70 percent this year and data coverage has doubled. Avention also continues to expand the ways customers can align sales and marketing priorities through data insights. A seamless integration with CRM, MAP and other systems allows Avention’s market-leading data and analytical insights to fuel the customer journey, ultimately driving business growth.

“The OneSource platform is easy to use, has seamless integration with our CRM (Salesforce), and has become an integral part of our sales processes,” said David Paul, manager, sales development at Flexera Software. “For our sales development reps specifically, OneSource has been a necessary tool for prospecting more effectively and efficiently, leading to more meaningful interactions while saving time.”

Jacques Gauthier, director at Carpedia said,  “Avention makes my team’s (and my) job easier. The OneSource Solutions really help us to connect the proverbial dots when doing research and I love the fact that it can be integrated with our CRM. The fact that you can see everything in one window is an added bonus. The value we’ve seen from this data solution far surpasses the value of other solutions I’ve tried in the past.”

Portfolio advancements include:

  • Enhanced data visualization:A new data dashboard feature provides a visual summary of all data imported into the platform to give users a quick view of match and data change rates. It also offers single-view segment visualizations, which aid customers with decision-making and reporting. OneSource DataVision also adds additional visualizations that help analyze customer activity and profiles using family trees and Avention’s Business Signals™.
  • Improved ease of use: OneSource platform updates include more effective use across a range of devices, flexible insight notifications, enhanced search, and faster data updates directly within CRM.
  • Increased ecosystem connectivity: A newOneSource Open Connector API allows organizational alignment around Avention’s world-class data and insights.  Third-party applications, services and workflows can now easily take advantage of the insights Avention data offers.  This complements cross-organizational use of OneSource applications, which already easily connect with CRM and MAP systems.

pogorzelski-steve-avention“Avention’s strategic vision is to support customers as they move to data-driven management, through the strongest possible combination of B2B sales and marketing data,” said Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of Avention.  “Our latest solution advancements – including data growth – focus on improving the ways our customers do business and secure results, while providing them with a complete understanding of prospects, customers and markets.”  To learn more, visit www.avention.com.

Source: Avention Press Release