Avention, maker of OneSource Solutions for smarter business insights, announced the release of OneSource DataVision, a solution that increases the value of existing customer and prospect data and information by centralizing, analyzing and visualizing multiple data sources – both internal and external – within a single view. Marketing professionals can now perform better business analysis and efficient and accurate customer segmentation for targeted campaigns.

To meet the evolving marketing intelligence requirements within the enterprise, businesses must address their data accuracy needs to better target prospects and expand existing customer relationships. “The benefits of having a well-defined target segment are numerous for both marketing and sales, impacting both the efficiency and effectiveness of efforts, and ultimately improving performance in many dimensions — including revenue, cost of sale and sales cycle time,” wrote Hank Barnes, research vice president for Gartner1. OneSource DataVision solves those challenges, cleansing and enriching in-house data and continually updating it to enable smarter insights.

The solution puts the power of data into a marketer’s hands, making updated and actionable customer and prospect information easily accessible in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems. With OneSource DataVision, companies no longer need to wait for customer and prospect information from the IT or sales operation departments to identify upsell, cross-sell and new market opportunities. Users can now compare and combine existing customer data with market data from Avention’s OneSource Global Content Live to quickly identify existing market gaps, run a comparison of target segment attributes against already-identified prospects and pinpoint the most relevant new opportunities.

OneSource DataVision is now available along with other OneSource Solutions from Avention that make data-driven sales and marketing possible by providing companies with a deeper understanding of clients’ and prospects’ business challenges to uncover business opportunities. For more information or a demo of OneSource DataVision, contact info@avention.com.

About:  Avention, maker of OneSource Solutions, delivers smarter business insights to help companies get a deeper understanding of company, contact and market data. With an unparalleled breadth of data sources, deeper strategic analysis and live content updates, Avention provides accurate, timely information to drive growth and improve productivity.  OneSource Solutions from Avention deliver customers a comprehensive view of their data so they can make more informed business decisions, stay ahead of the competition and close more deals. Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, with offices across North America, Europe and APAC, Avention has nearly 4,000 customers wo rldwide.

Source:  Businesswire.com