Aventiomn One Source 150Avention survey exposes stark market gap between ABM aspirations, ability to execute programs without the right data and analytical insights

Avention, maker of OneSource® Solutions for smarter business insights, announced the availability of its OneSource ABM solution, the only solution to provide the comprehensive foundational elements for any effective ABM strategy: the data and account insights to support selection of the right accounts and development of rich target account profiles. Without these critical data points and insights, businesses can’t implement or sustain successful ABM strategies.

Avention also announced the results of its survey, “Account-Based Marketing (ABM): The Art of the Start,” which reveals a real challenge around data as it relates to ABM. The company asked more than 100 B2B sales and marketing enterprise practitioners about their use of ABM techniques and strategies. While more than 90 percent of the marketers surveyed believe ABM is relevant to their businesses, respondents noted that their number one roadblock to starting an ABM program was lack of access to the right data and ability to leverage that data.

Avention’s OneSource ABM solution ensures ABM programs focus on the right accounts, increasing close rates to meet revenue, growth and share goals. It supports marketing and sales departments in the crucial actions that help launch and manage any solid ABM program: understanding potential customer segments, identifying target accounts within those segments, gaining a deep understanding of those accounts to build a robust profile, crafting relevant messaging and campaigns around those profiles and generating the right contact lists. The solution enables enterprises to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams, aligning them toward ABM success. In addition, with the OneSource ABM solution, ABM practitioners can continually monitor target accounts and markets to ensure that planned ABM tactics, messages, offers and even company contacts remain relevant as changes occur.

To read the full press release click on this link: Avention Introduces OneSource Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solution FINAL UK