Bus Intelligance iStock_000036357076SmallWith revenues of over CHF 50 million and 450 employees in 5 countries, including 150 software developers in Asia, the AXON ACTIVE Group is one of the leading providers of business information and software solutions. The products and services of Axon Active support the business decision-making process.

AXON INSIGHT collects and processes data from company registers, news and business networks, helping you and your organisation to build an effective business development strategy and identify any risks at the earliest stage.

AXON INSIGHT provides insights on more than 41 million directors, over 23 million organisations and makes 165 million connections across international markets.

Axon insight provides you with relationship knowledge you need to be successful and connect your company interests with relationship intelligence

Focus precisely on the right hnwimonitor risk & fraud communitiesidentify new clients & partnersincrease market shareconnect influential decision makers

Soreco AG

AXON ACTIVE Holding AG wholly acquired Soreco AG, one of the leading providers of business process management and business software, in 2011. In addition to Soreco AG in Schwerzenbach, the Soreco Group also includes the subsidiaries Soreco Publica AG in Lenzburg and ivyTeam AG in Zug.

Kompass AG

Kompass Schweiz Verlag AG is a company of Orell Füssli Wirtschaftsinformationen AG. Kompass is the world’s largest B2B company directory. Its online platform contains information on products, services and executive staff of over 50,000 companies in Switzerland and around three million companies worldwide. These categories are translated into 26 languages and the data is checked by editorial staff.

AXON ACTIVE Vietnam Co. Ltd.

AXON ACTIVE Vietnam specialises in offshore software development services. With over 160 software developers at present in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, AXON ACTIVE Vietnam helps its customers to implement innovations and maintain, expand and test existing systems cost-effectively and efficiently. The company uses the offshore development centre (ODC) approach, which means that AXON ACTIVE Vietnam recruits and manages software teams geared towards each customer’s requirements with corresponding skills and experience. In addition, AXON ACTIVE Vietnam advises its customers in terms of offshore-compatible development processes, methods, tools and techniques.

Source:  Axon Insight