D&B’s total revenue for the first quarter of 2010 was $397.2 million.

This result is down 4%, before the effect of foreign exchange (down 3% after the effect of foreign exchange), as compared to the prior year period.

Operating income before non-core gains and charges for the first quarter of 2010 was $102.7 million, down 11% from the prior year similar period and in line with our expectations. On a GAAP basis, operating income was $93.3 million, down 19% from the prior year similar period, which includes $4.8 million of costs related to the Strategic Technology Investment, announced in February 2010.

Outlook for 2010:  In its investor Day presentation Sara Mathew reconfirmed D&B’s guidance for 2010.  Core revenue is expected to grow 1% – 3%.   Operating income in the range of (2% – 2%.  EPS growth of 1% to 6%.  Free cash flow in the range of US$ 240 to US$ 270 million.

BIIA Newsletter May II – 2010 Issue