BIIA participated in the B20 SME Taskforce which concluded its work last year under the leadership of the B20 China.  The B20 leadership transferred to Germany last year and decided to continue to work on SME issues under a new banner called SME Cross-Thematic Group in which BIIA also participated.

The B20 Cross-Thematic Group has published the B20 SMEs policy paper, which you can find here on the B20 Germany website or under this direct link and which the B20 Cross-Thematic Group has shared with decision-makers and stakeholders.  It would be much appreciated if members could distribute and discuss the recommendations with policy-makers and governments, as well as your network/constituency/members.

To download the policy document please click on this link:  B20 CTG SMEs_Final Policy Paper_2017-04-12
To download the fact sheet click on this link: B20 CTG SMEs_Factsheet_2017-04-12
To download: B20_Priorities_SMEs_2017-04-11