Outsell has recently published its report on the B2B Trade and Company Information segment. This report includes detailed analysis of the top companies in B2B Trade Publishing & Company Information, detailing the size, growth rates, and market shares of the top 50 publishers and information providers in the segment and identifying the significant issues and trends facing them and their markets.

B2B Trade Publishing & Company Information is a global market segment of the information industry sized at $21.8 billion that contracted steeply in 2009, declining 16.1% from total revenue of $26.0 billion in 2008. This sharp decline created a significantly negative three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 2007-2009 of -7.6%, in contrast to a positive 4.7% CAGR for the preceding three-year period of 2006-2008. The segment consists of two major subsegments, B2B trade publishing and company information, which have in common an emphasis on connecting buyers and sellers.Major B2B trade publishing companies include International Data Group (IDG), United Business Media, the McGraw-Hill Companies, and Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT). Major company information firms include Experian plc, The D&B Corporation, Acxiom, and InfoGROUP.

Steep declines in 2009 were not limited to a handful of just the larger companies. In B2B trade publishing, only four out of the 50 largest companies saw growth in revenue expressed in local currency: Alibaba, up 29.0%; Tarsus Group plc, up 35.3%; ITE Group plc, up 6.0%; and McGraw-Hill B2B trade publishing, up 1.7%. Company information firms as a group suffered slightly less, but fewer than half of the 30 largest companies, 12 firms, saw growth in revenue expressed in local currency. The highest growth rates were booked by LinkedIn, up 91.7% to $115 million; XING AG, up 27.9% to €45.1 million; and Onvia up 21.3% to $25.6 million. To order this report contact: www.outsellinc.com

BIIA Newsletter July II – 2010 Issue