BBaidu Inc. (BIDU – Snapshot Report) has developed a prototype for a smart bike in collaboration with the design department at Tsinghua University. The smart bike is called DuBike.

The non-motorized, sleek, mountain bike-style ride is capable of collecting fitness information about the rider in real time. The user can access this information on his smartphone via Bluetooth.

DuBike can determine the heart rate, seat pressure and pedal pressure of the rider. The amount of calories burnt can also be determined by feeding information regarding a person’s weight.

The DuBike is equipped with a built-in GPS, which facilitates real-time location updates and therefore makes it easier to locate the bike in case it is stolen. This is comparable with the Google (GOOGL – Analyst Report) Device Tracker, which was updated this week.

Based on real-time traffic information the GPS allows route planning as well. The rider can also join a new DuBike-specific social network to connect with other riders. The bike does not require separate charging. The electrical system is charged whenever the rider pedals.