Baidu Wallet, the third-party payment brand of Chinese Internet company Baidu, announced the official launch of Baidu Yuanquan (“Baidu Source”), an O2O marketing management platform for offline merchants. Baidu Source’s first merchant partners will be operators of department stores, convenience stores, vending machines, and entertainment venues.

The Baidu Source platform will analyze a mobile phone user’s location, past user behavior (i.e. suitability as a target customer), and distribution channel use (e.g. usage frequency of various Baidu apps which user has installed on his/her phone), and then offer the user targeted coupons for offline merchants via mobile Baidu Maps and Baidu search. In order to user these coupons when paying for offline purchases, users must pay with Baidu Wallet. The platform will be supported by voice and image recognition and artificial intelligence technology.

Baidu Wallet also announced the formation of a Baidu Wallet O2O Alliance, to assist partnering companies that provide on-site services with upgrading their user acquisition rate, and reducing their online and offline operating costs. Sixty on-site service merchants have already joined the alliance, including businesses providing housekeeping, massage, laundry, cooking, car-washing, chauffeur, manicure, and pet care services.