PPDAI Group Inc. (“PPDAI,” “Paipaidai,” or the “Company”) (NYSE: PPDF), a leading online consumer finance marketplace in China, announced that the Company has become one of the first 15 online lenders and consumer finance companies to sign up to connect with Baihang Zhengxin (“Baihang Credit”), China’s first unified credit-reporting platform comprising the online lending sector and backed by China’s central bank.

According to the data sharing agreement, PPDAI will transmit the credit information and data generated on PPDAI’s platform to Baihang Credit’s platform on a timely basis, while Baihang Credit will integrate and process the data and information collected from all its partners and provide individual credit information back to PPDAI and other partner companies.

Mr. Jun Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPDAI, said, “We are encouraged that our company is among the first to connect and share data with Baihang Credit. This further validates and recognizes our strong technological capabilities, our large customer scale and our high data quality. We will continue to closely cooperate with the authorities and ensure compliance for our business.”

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Source: PRNewswire