Onboarding 300Alacra Inc., an Opus Global company, and the leading provider of compliance and reference data solutions for financial institutions, corporations and professional service firms, has announced the launch of the enhanced Alacra Compliance Messaging Service (ACMS) at the AMLP European Conference.

ACMS is an advanced suite of web services that lowers the cost of compliance by helping financial firms develop efficient, effective and fully integrated compliance workflows. ACMS drives efficiency by automating communication between internal bank systems, third party applications and Alacra Compliance Enterprise (ACE). It allows banks to dramatically accelerate and automate Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence for initial client onboarding as well as event-driven and periodic reviews. ACMS enables tight integration of Alacra’s compliance case management workflow with a bank’s front-, middle- and back-office systems.

ACE is a SaaS solution that many banks rely on for KYC, client due diligence, onboarding, refresh, remediation and ongoing monitoring. ACE facilitates the gathering of client due diligence documents, beneficial owner information and ID verification, automates news, PEP and sanctions checks to create a single document which contains all the information required to meet regulatory requirements.

With ACMS, new client information can be sent directly from a bank’s front-office application to ACE. Once a KYC analyst resolves the case, the decision, supporting data and due diligence report can be passed from ACE to the bank’s account-opening systems. ACMS eliminates the need for repeated data entry, speeds up communication, eradicates errors, accelerates onboarding and improves the client experience.

ACMS can also work independently of ACE to automate simple compliance tasks. For example, in low-risk client onboarding, an initial sanctions search, media screen or PEP screen can be completed with a single request, with the results going directly to the bank system. If potentially adverse information is present further diligence can be initiated, otherwise the client is on boarded without delay.

ACMS offers deployment and configuration options for various levels of integration with a bank’s IT infrastructure. This could be as simple as sending cases to ACE and receiving results, or more complex, allowing a bank to update cases, reassign workload, administer users, synchronize statuses and more. New service requests are created whenever Alacra expands its compliance offerings, ensuring that integration options are available for key compliance modules.

Source:  Alacra.com