FICO published a White Paper titled ‘Decision Management for the Masses’, which discusses the latest trends in how new technologies eliminate barriers to connected decisions.

The ability to capture, index and mine BIG Data is a critical path towards true customer intimacy and competitive advantage.  Therefore, for most businesses, Big Data will mandate some degree of new infrastructure development, either through in-house efforts or via the Cloud.  But wherever it resides, the size and scope of the infrastructure will be determine by the degree of analytic power a business chooses to leverage Big Data.

Many businesses have traditionally relied on Business Intelligence (BI) analytics to generate insight from data.  While these organizations have realized some value from BI prior to the advent of Big Data, a key component of Big Data powered BI is missing:  the Decision Management infrastructure to support and make sense of today’s data deluge.  Businesses today need Decision Management technologies to master and create actionable value from Big Data’s three main characteristics: volume, velocity and variety.

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BIIA Comment:  Information suppliers should take note:  Once a majority of customers have obtained the ability to mine data from whatever sources, extract key elements to make accurate and timely business decisions, the value of content is further diminished.