At this year’s CeBIT computer fair the leading topic for IT experts was cyber security and talent shortage.  These experts view the use of the BIG Data concept as a high risk undertaking in respect of data security.  At the same time experts are frustrated by the shortage of security talent.

According to a latest survey concerning BIG Data about 25% of respondents say they are well informed about the concept, 75% feel that the risks involved in using BIG Data are high or extremely high.

To overcome the talent shortage companies are considering a wide range of solutions.  50% of companies consider outsourcing, 30% will invest in training and 15% consider a relocation to other countries.

About:  CeBIT is the world’s largest and most international computer expo. The trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground, the world’s largest fairground, in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, and is considered a barometer of the state of the art in information technology. It is organized by Deutsche Messe AG.