This white paper examines the challenges and opportunities with Big Data, outlines real-world use cases of organizations using Informatica to transform Big Data into business benefits, and details groundbreaking capabilities in Informatica 9.1 to empower the data-centric enterprise.  This White Paper will focus on four key themes:  Big Data integration  –  Authoritative and trustworthy data  –  Self service  –   Adaptive data services

Big Data—from multi-petabyte data warehouses to social media data, from cloud-based applications to sensors and mobile devices, from e-commerce processing to geospatial information—has arrived. Whether Big Data becomes an organization’s greatest asset or one of its gravest liabilities depends on the strategies and solutions put in place in the near term to deal with epic growth in data volumes, complexity, diversity, and velocity.

Informatica® 9.1 is expressly engineered to help your organization turn Big Data into big opportunities. The latest release of the Informatica Platform empowers organizations to combine fast-growing transaction data with vast volumes of new interaction data to achieve insights and strategic advantage not possible with any other solution.

To access the White Paper click on the link:  White Paper 1601_big_data_wp