BiG Data 2



Riding on the success of Big Data World Show 2013 in Malaysia recently with more than 200 attendees, we are now organizing a 2014 world-tour.

Key Topics to be discussed

  • Big Data in Australia: What Next?
  • Transforming Your Company into a Data Driven Enterprise
  • Harnessing Unstructured Data for Evidence Based Decision Making
  • Measuring the ROI and Total Cost of Ownership for Big Data Analytics for a Competitive Edge
  • Mining the Benefits of Big Data and Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics: Making Government Data Work
  • Applying Analytics for Better Customer Segmentation
  • From Data to Foresight in Healthcare
  • Translating Big Data into Relevant outcomes
  • Driving Big Data Innovation Using Hadoop 2.0 with YARN
  • Big Data in the Cloud: Big Data-as-a-Service Solutions
  • Building a Scalable and Dynamic Big Data Infrastructure
  • Applying Big Data Analytics to Drive Informed Business Decisions
  • Improving Information Security with Big Data
  • Real World Use of Big Data to Reduce Churn Rate
  • Unlocking the Value of Big Data and Analytics in Financial Services
  • The Rise of Big Data in Higher Education
  • Giving Structure to Unstructured Data
  • Investing a Scalable Storage Space – Future of Enterprise Big Data Storage

Who Should Attend?

  • CEO / Managing Director
  • CIO / Head of IT
  • Data Scientist
  • CMO / Head of Marketing
  • Data Intelligence Architect
  • Head of Customer Analytics
  • Head of Data Warehousing
  • Head of Branding
  • Head of E-Commerce
  • Head of CRM
  • Head of Loyalty
  • Head of Customer Insights / Intelligence
  • Technology Strategist

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BiG Data 2