Presentations from the BIIA 2017 Biennial Conference.  Uploading Complete

Technology Keynote: Where Will Technology Take Our Industry and the Businesses of our Clients? – Tom Mouhsian (Forrester)

We asked Tom Mouhsian of Forrester Research to speak about the topic: “Where Will Technology Take Our Industry and the Businesses of our Clients?”  .

Take Away: There is no point in defending status quo if an entire sector is under siege! Embrace new technologies and partnerships and collaborate like never before!

Dinner Key Note about India:  Building the Infrastructure for a Truly Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion – Aadhar, Payment banks, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), India Stack.  What does this mean for our industry:  Will it be an Opportunity or Risk? Melanie Zimmerman (TransUnion)

Melanie Zimmerman, TransUnion laid out the numbers about India and they are staggering: 1.3bn people, 1bn mobile phones, 230 million credit active consumers. 240+ banks and 150 fintechs. She said: “The story of the digitization of India is, if nothing else, is both inspiring and impressive.  It is a testament to what is possible when a bold, clear vision is delivered with near-flawless execution”

Closing Keynote: A review of China’s Fintech Ecosystem – Lending to Individuals, Micro and Small businesses – Quan Yu (Head of Risk Management for Consumer and SME Finance Group)

Quan Yu, Head of Risk Management for the Consumer and SME Finance Group at Ant Financial (蚂蚁金服) provided similar staggering numbers when lending to SMEs in an environment where there is little information.  Cost of serving SMEs in Asia is high, but the situation is changing for the better with digitization. Digital payments mean better cash flow for SMEs which turns instantly into more credit at the bank.

Ant Financial serves 500 million SMEs.  Loans extended¥900bn. Average loan size is ¥30K; 3 minute application time; average approval rate is 6% – 16%; default rate less than 1%.  – Ant Financial mission: To build a global inclusive financial ecosystem.

FraNeil Munroeud and Cybercrime In the Age of DigitizationNeil Munroe (Deputy Managing Director BIIA, Founder of CRS Insights)

Nick WildeFraud and Cybercrime In the Age of DigitizationNicke Wilde (Head of Fraud and ID, Asia Pacific Experian)

Timothy ChoonFraud and Cybercrime In the Age of DigitizationTimothy Choon (Managing Director, FICO Compliance Solutions, Asia Pacific)

Dr. Andrew JenningData, Data , Everywhere – Big, Smart, Alternate or Simply DifferentDr. Andrew Jennings (Senior Vice President – FICO)