Tom Mouhsian, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience (APAC), of our member and sponsor Forrester Research, will provide an overview of the important topic:  “Where Will Technology Take Our Industry and the Businesses of our Clients?” While Tom will summarize current trends, he will also focus on meaningful ways how our industry should embrace new technologies.

He will offer some insights about financial inclusion: “Will Fintech support or replace the banks on a quest to spread financial literacy? Will there be a role for our industry?”

 “What will be the effect of e-commerce powerhouses like Alibaba and Amazon on the information services and financial industry?”

No information conference is complete without some commentary about BLOCKCHAIN: “What opportunities do emerging technologies like blockchain present to the FS/IS industry and how can they be leveraged?”

Who is coming?  To date we have 110 registrations of information professionals, risk managers and regulators from many countries (see chart below).  The window of participation will close once we reach 135 delegates.  We encourage you to register.  For details please take a look at our fine program.