Dear Members and Friends of BIIA,

Welcome to our Conference Events Pages.  We are offering you a preview of some of the topics we are going discuss during the conference.

We have an exciting program with top industry speakers and panelists.  For details click on Agenda and Speakers.  

The BIIA Biennial 2019 conference will start on October 30th with a welcome and networking reception at 18:30 hours to 20:30 hrs.  The conference program starts on October 31st at 09:00 hours.  It will be a full day meeting ending with a networking reception 18:30 to 20:30 hours.  Conference ends in the early afternoon of November 01, 2019.   

Conference Themes: 

Technological changes are accelerating at an unprecedented pace.  Our conference theme in 2017 was ‘Embracing Digitization’ reflecting the rush to digitize data, information and knowledge. For the BIIA 2019 Biennial Conference we chose to express the technological changes impacting our clients and our industry in form of a formula: 

During the BIIA  2019 Biennial Conference we are covering five important themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Reality or Hype – The Challenges for the Financial Services Industry and the Likely Consequences for Business/Credit Information
  • The Changing Dynamics of Risk Management Information: The availability of data for use in risk management is changing at a rapid pace through the advent of new technology, the changing behavior of consumers, followed by the intervention of regulators
  • Financial Inclusion is driven by the need to provide access to finance for individuals, micro and small business. What does SME Financial Inclusion mean and the dilemmas it faces?  What will be the way forward: “Credit information is dead, long live ‘financial capability information’!
  • Identity has become a major business activity driven by AML, KYC, eKYC compliance requirements. We will hear from information professionals about the opportunities and risks in walking the fine line between transparency and privacy. BIIA has invited compliance professionals to provide a forward looking perspective of their information needs.
  • The Future of Credit & Credit Information  –  Given the almost unprecedented pace of technological change we expect this panel discussion to be rather provocative.

We are offering below a preview of two of the above mentioned themes.

‘The Great Debate’

We have recently published an expanded discussion paper of the ‘Great Debate’ concerning the Future of Credit & Credit Information, which will be the final panel session at the 2019 Biennial BIIA Conference.  We will look to explore the many changes underway and what it means for organizations granting credit and for those supporting these organizations such as credit information companies.   Given the almost unprecedented pace of technological change we expect this panel discussion to be rather provocative.   The document can be viewed here.

Identity Is the New Money‘ (David Birch) is a fascinating booklet.  The booklet inspired us to put on a special session about ‘Identity’ on the second day of the conference.

In essence, for the some in the business information industry, ‘Identity’ has become an important new source of revenue growth.  The driving factors being AML and KYC. 

During this session Tan Wee Soon  (as key-noter) and Jane Foo (as moderator), both seasoned compliance professionals will have a lively discussion with industry experts Phil Cotter, Wayne Johnson and Douglas Wolfson. 

For more details go to the  special  article  which  we  posted yesterday.



There will be a membership meeting for full members, which will take place at the conference hotel at 11:00 am to 12:00 for full members to vote on the appointment of the chairman and directors, approve the 2018 Board and Audit Report and discuss strategic matters concerning industry advocacy and future plans.

For those who would like to sponsor this event there a still sponsorship opportunities available.  For details please click here.

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