Seasoned executives, innovators, disruptions and newcomers are among guest speakers at the BIIA 2019 Biennial Conference.  Please see our updated agenda, the impressive list of speakers and we thank our many sponsors for their support.

Our conference theme appropriately reflects the impact of technology on efficiency, customer centricity and risk management:  AI + Analytics + Data = The Future of Risk Management

In conjunction with this theme we have chosen a range of topics which we intend to examine:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Reality or Hype – The Challenges for the Financial Services Industry and the Likely Consequences for Business/Credit Information
  • The Changing Dynamics of Risk Management Information: The availability of data for use in risk management is changing at a rapid pace through the advent of new technology, the changing behavior of consumers, followed by the intervention of regulators
  • Financial Inclusion is driven by the need to provide access to finance for individuals, micro and small business. What does SME Financial Inclusion mean and the dilemmas it faces? What will be the way forward: “Credit information is dead, long live ‘financial capability information’!
  • Identity has become a major business activity driven by AML, KYC, eKYC compliance requirements. We will hear from information professionals about the opportunities and risks in walking the fine line between transparency and privacy. BIIA has invited compliance professionals to provide a forward looking perspective of their information needs.
  • The Future of Credit & Credit Information –  Given the almost unprecedented pace of technological change we expect this panel discussion to be rather provocative.

Please take the opportunity to register now to take advantage of the early bird registration period which runs until July 31st, 2019.  To register please click on this link.

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