Join us at the BIIA 2022 Biennial Conference on May 23rd to 25th 2022 in Singapore at the Park Royal Collection Marina Bay Hotel to learn and network!

Dear members,

There is still time to attend the BIIA 2022 Biennial Conference in Singapore.  This is a global event with lots of local and regional support. As of today over 100 delegates have registered.

Why should you come to Singapore?  Well in our view there are over 30 reasons why you should. This is the number of senior industry experts who will be speaking at the event representing both our customers as well as information providers. After more than two years since we last got together there is a lot of catching up to do, both about what is happening in the industry and with colleagues.

Singapore has opened its borders to conferences, exhibits and vaccinated travelers.  No quarantine requirements.  Singapore is a safe place to go to and to mingle with industry experts and colleagues. 

One of the topics which will be discussed at the Conference by an illustrious panel of entrepreneurs is ‘The role of the information industry in an era of pandemics and growing digitization.’  Something we are sure all of us would like to know.

What’s changed since we last met? What are the key changes we see in data analytics, AI and technology in the next couple of years?  When we last met in Bangkok at the BIIA 2019 conference we had asked a similar panel what will the future hold for our industry and whether something unexpected could happen. Little did we know then that a pandemic was lurking in the wings. What followed was entirely unexpected without precedence and preparation. 

The pandemic and its consequences posed challenges for the industry and the industry in general responded pretty well. Incredibly some of the newer players did not go under.  With the survival question in mind we have invited executives who are managing relatively young companies, less than 20 years to find out how they survived and thrived.

In the session we will hopefully learn how they see the pandemic and the move to increased data from digitization impacting their businesses.  Most importantly how their organizations will manage the relationship with their customers going forward.  What do they see will be the needs of their customers? How should the industry be adapting? What is required from governments when it comes to access to public data?

Last, but not least there is the question about new technologies such as AI:  Can it be effectively deployed in startups and small business?  To get the answer we have on the panel a renowned expert on the subject of AI to inject additional sparkle into the discussion. 

Meet our panelists of Session 6:

The session will be moderated by
Deputy Managing Director, BIIA
Conference Chair


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