As many of you will remember from previous communications on the BIIA Biennial Conference we have started planning for the next event which will take place end of May 2022 in Singapore.  Anticipate further details early September 2021.

As a biennial event, the Conference was originally due to take place this year (2021).  Based on the continued impact of the pandemic and also when it was believed that the ability to travel internationally would return, the decision has been taken to move the event to the second quarter of 2022.   It is assumed that with the increasing vaccinations across the world that Singapore will be safe to travel to and that travel restrictions will be eased or fully removed.  

We are planning a hybrid event for person who will not be able to travel.

We have formed a Content Planning Working Group which is responsible for developing the theme and storyboard for the Conference, as well as identifying speakers/panelists.  We are still keen to involve as many members (and potential new members) as possible in the Working Group to ensure we identify the key areas of relevance to be covered and in turn build the best possible program for the event.  

Based on ideas submitted to date we are honing in on a number of key themes (short preview):

‘Building TRUST in a post pandemic world’  –  Technology has always one of the main driver of digitization.  However, Covid-19 came along and compressed a development period of 3 years into one. 

While enhancing digitization was seen as a welcome development, however the unintended consequences are a marked increase in fraud.  As a result of Covid-19 related government monetary support schemas also opened the door for further fraudulent activity.  Such activity is not only apparent domestically, but also cross border.  Research reports from industry players indicate alarming increases in fraudulent activities.   The lending industry is now finding itself in a new world of risk.  This leads to customer of the financial services industry raising the TRUST issue of safety of information, and their wealth (Protection).  Honesty – Acting in clients’ best interest. – Accountability.  A new approach we are eager to look into.



‘Combatting fraud, money laundering and cybercrime in the new digital world’ may keep the financial services industry and information providers occupied most likely in eternity.  

‘Managing digital customer relationships’: – the key challenges in developing a digital channel and how the information industry can help’

‘The challenges of identifying customers in the post pandemic era’  –  identity and authentication: How data, analytics, AI and technology are being used to assure correct identity

‘Managing data in the future’ – extracting intelligence through data cataloguing’  

‘The use of digital data in credit risk assessment’ – Exploring ways in which alternative data from developments in digital data service can be used to enhance credit risk assessment

‘Compliance with regulatory requirements post the pandemic’ – Discussion how lenders can meet their obligations on AML, KYC, Financial Crime in an increasingly digital world

‘The role of the information industry in an era of pandemics and growing digitisation’

The above are ideas which have been suggested and may not necessarily apear in the same sequence.  We are expecting further input. 

Now it is time to be heard and to support the BIIA 2022 Biennial Conference:  We are encouraging our members to sponsor the conference, recommend speakers, panelists and providing ideas for networking.  

Anyone still interested in joining the Working Group or submitting ideas, please contact Neil Munroe, Deputy Managing Director and BIIA’s planning committee chair at munroen@biia.comBeing part of the Working Group will involve participating in regular calls with other members to initially agree the theme and subsequently to develop the agenda.