In following the maxim “credit and information are intertwined” ICISA (International Credit Insurance and Surety Association) responded to a call for support on the recent proposed China credit information regulations, which if passed, would have had serious negative effects on the availability of credit information, trade credit and transparency as whole.  As a result of the user community’s responses, the legislative process has come under renewed review and new consultations are underway.

Prompted by ‘rumblings’ in the credit management community about the role of information during the ongoing liquidity crisis, BIIA had undertaken a survey of credit management in which ICISA participated and for which we are grateful.  A summary of the survey can be obtained by contacting: Joachim C Bartels at

ICISA and BIIA exchange Newsletters to share views on important credit and information related topics.   We thank the General Secretary of ICISA, Rob Nijhout and his team (Rob Nijhout shown in the picture lower rank left) for their continued support. 

BIIA Newsletter March II – 2010 Issue