2015-16 Dec to January User Statistics


Having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 BIIA has become one of the largest Business Information Networks.  www.biia.com is now the indisputed reference sportal on the subject of business information.  

Surprisingly, when BIIA was launched in Asia in 2005, the BIIA portal (www.biia.com) came up quickly on the radar screen of North American readers representing 75% of global readership at that time.  In the meantime the readership composition has changed significantly with European readers taking the lead with 37% of the total and Asian readership has grown to 31% of the total.

During the past 5 years BIIA has ramped up its information gathering of company announcements, technological and regulatory developments.  BIIA’s collective expertise in the business information sector is recognized by international institutions such as the APEC Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) and the World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting.  BIIA is an active participant in these institutions.

BIIA industry association governance is managed by a group of industry experts and volunteers.  www.biia.com is supported by a group of independent contributing editors which assure that the BIIA portal retains its leadership position as an important source for industry trends and best demonstrated practices.

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