Phil Cotter 12072012Phil Cotter, Deputy Managing Director, BIIA chaired a session at the 2013 Asia Pacific Forum on Financial Inclusion held in Batam Island Indonesia 11-12 June.  

The forum was jointly organised by APEC Business Advisory Council, the Ministry of Finance, the Government of Indonesia, Asian Development Bank Institute and The Foundation for Development Cooperation.  BIIA were requested to send a representative by the IFC who were supporting the event.

The session entitled Financial Infrastructure: Financial Identity and Data Flows, included presentations from  Tony Hadley, SVP Public Policy, Experian; Dr Robin Varghese, Chief Operating Officer, Policy & Economic Research Council; Ms L Ceren, Director, Finance Ministry, Peoples Republic of China and : Mrs. P Chandara, Deputy Chief, Financial Institution Supervision Department, Bank of Lao PDR.

Key recommendations made during the session can be accessed by clicking on this link: Cotter report on APEC Conference