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BIIA and Incisive Media are organizing a special Business Information Forum 2011 which will be held on March 24th, 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre in conjunction with the Online-Information Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibit 

The Business Information Forum 2011 will address a number of key issues of interest to users, as well as information professionals.  We shall look at the current state of business information markets , both globally and regionally , and comment on specific trends , like the development of workflow modeling or the push  towards improved governance , risk management  and compliance environments . We will question current business models and  examine the impact of new access devices and distribution channels .

The availability and reliability of financial and legal information in Asia is a core theme for BIIA and we shall look at: the future of trade credit and the implications for credit information services; improving financial infrastructure with information, especially dealing with supply chain issues concerning SMEs; their lack of access to credit due to information asymmetries.

The format for the Business Information Forum 2011 will be the same as in previous BIIA Forums:  It is a neutral open forum for industry executives to debate and resolve common issues with users, regulators, government and the public information sector.  The emphasis therefore will be more on debating and less on presenting.