The 2022 BIIA Biennial Conference held in Singapore in May last year proved to be a great success with 170 senior managers from the information industry and from financial services attending to here panellists discussing  the increasing importance of digital interaction between businesses and clients.

Key issues discussed at the event included:

  • How to maintain trust in a world where relationships are increasingly conducted in a remote manner.
  • The opportunities created by digitalization, such as new ways of communicating with clients, and an explosion in the creation of new data.
  • The threats, such as cybercrime, fraud and money laundering, that are also inevitably developing in this new digital age.

There were a number of key takeaways from the discussions at the conference that we believe will be of interest to our industry. With this in mind we have created a specific portal through which you can access a summary of the main points discussed along with the recordings of all of the panel sessions.  

To access the portal click here or use the following link .

We are grateful to all our sponsors for their support in making the event such a great success.