The White Paper accentuates the differences between commercial credit reporting and consumer credit reporting and why these services deserve different legal frameworks. Commercial credit reporting standards have been developed over decades in response to technological developments and market requirements to assess commercial trade credit, bank loans and trade finance. Continuous improvements in information quality as well as the development of new and better products manifest the vitality of the companies that compete in the commercial credit reporting industry.

The document was prepared by the regulatory committee of BIIA in response to the desire of regulators to strengthen legal frameworks on credit information due to the global credit crisis.  BIIA expresses its gratitude to its board members and full members BOL Thailand, The D&B Corporation, D&B Australasia, Huaxia D&B, Sinotrust and Veda Advantage for their contribution in this important undertaking.   

To access the White Paper click on the link: White Paper Commercial Credit Reporting Standards

BIIA Newsletter January 2010 Issue