HG Data Logo OceanAccording to a recent Outsell Insight HG Data’s push into new vertical markets serves as a driving force of change in prospecting and account management processes.

HG Data uses Big Data web-crawling techniques to capture B2B technology installation data that provides competitive intelligence to sales teams, marketers, and brands.  Through supervised machine learning, HG Data continuously trains machines to identify product information presented on websites and buried in unstructured documents.  The result is a large collection of semantic rules that serve as training sets of text patterns used to identify specific products, which in turn leads to non-supervised learning.

HG Data recently launched HG Focus, a freemium Chrome extension giving business development and sales reps instant insight into the technology stack of companies when viewing their webpages.  With distribution partners across contact vendors, CRM, predictive marketing analytics, and retargeting, HG Data is rapidly expanding their vertical coverage. A series of recent B2B partnership announcements illustrates HG Data’s torrid pace of expansion:

DiscoverOrg, a provider of highly curated company and contact information, has licensed HG Data’s global dataset of B2B technology installations that enable creation of new search filters for its prospecting solution. Integration of HG Data expands the number of searchable technologies by 4,000 and companies linked to those technologies by 770,000.  HIMSS Analytics, focused on healthcare technology intelligence, has partnered with HG Data to enhance their data collections and verification efforts. Through traditional research methods, it is difficult to identify at scale which facilities offer specific treatments, at what frequency, and with what equipment. This information has high market intelligence (prospects and competitors) value to medical device and machine sales organizations. HIMSS gains efficiencies and access to broader market coverage. HG Data’s count engine shows they are tracking 263 medical products across 169,000 locations.

MadisonLogic, provider of intent data that supports B2B digital brand and demand solutions, now leverages HG Data to help marketers identify a prospect’s technology installations. The combination ensures that the right message gets to the right person at the right time, driving increased conversion and marketing ROI.

Expanding from tracking horizontal technology to include professional services software and capitalized equipment, HG Data is building out new vertical market offers ranging from real estate to medical to media.

Michael Balsam, Outsell’s VP & Lead Analyst summarizes:  “HG Data relies on publicly available data, but has a huge head start on potential competitors by way of its massive data set and countless cycles spent on machine learning. Sites can potentially block access to profiling in several ways, but all have elements of self-inflicted damage such as interfering with search engine indexing.

Outsell 300 NewBeyond the visceral upside to sales and marketing, HG Data puts the competitive intelligence community on notice. Fully machine-driven analysis of market penetration, market share, and conceivably revenue will disintermediate both professional service providers and low-scale technology solutions. With the opportunity to steal from existing CI budgets, HG Data often knows more about where technology products are placed than the providers themselves.”a

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