BIIA News200During the months of June and July BIIA surveyed the membership to understand what member benefits are used and how are they valued.  To obtain feedback on BIIA activity, communications and what more do members want?  We had a good response level:  21 Full members and 16 Associate members.

Here is the feedback and analysis:

  • BIIA is clearly regarded as a leading source of industry news and communication
  • Existing channels of communication, frequency and content are appreciated
  • Opportunity to better communicate industry advocacy and regulatory contact
  • Looking to launch webinar program to show progress in these areas
  • Opportunity exists to extend conference program but possible joint activity outside Asia-Pacific may be a way ahead

Several of the respondents gave testimonials:

  • Highly committed staff, all industry news as one-stop globally
  • BIIA has helped me in a number of ways. Their knowledge is extensive and their approach also provides industry analysis saving lots of efforts to my teams
  • Great source of news and industry information
  • BIIA: A one-stop consolidated news portal for industry information
  • Really appreciate the compilation of industry news. This is read and requested by several departments in my organization
  • Keeping on track on developments at our main business information providers across the globe is essential for our reviews and analysis and BIIA provides just the perfect tool for that
  • We appreciate BIIA membership as very useful

The outcome of the survey will be discussed by the board of directors in their upcoming board meeting. We thank all respondents for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback.



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