Dear BIIA Members,

We thank you for participating in the recent membership survey.  We received valuable insights and suggestions on how to improve our website: and the BIIA Newsletter. Member survey 02-2013 B

The outcome of the survey can be summarized as follows:

  • About 45% of the respondents access the website daily, weekly and fortnightly.  This is a clear message we need to make members aware that the BIIA website is dynamic and it is updated daily.
  • We are not surprised by the level of interest in the most important categories of topics (respondents):
    • News about analytics, fraud and workflow (21)
    • Member news (20)
    • Industry news by services (19)
    • Industry news by company (17)
    • Big data (16)
    • Credit reporting (16)
    • Regulatory (11)

We have observed this trend before and will make every effort to provide as much content as it becomes available.

  • In terms of ways to improve the website the majority of respondents say “happy as is”.  Nevertheless there are a number of good suggestions which we will consider going forward (slide 4)
  • Concerning the BIIA Newsletter the majority of respondents find the content extremely useful, as well as useful and used often in related business decisions (slide 5)
  • The majority of the recipients of the BIIA Newsletter would like to have it as is (twice monthly).  We do not recommend monthly as the volume of information would be somewhat overwhelming, but will also consider a weekly news alert.
  • Concerning the format of conferences many respondents were in favor of the BIIA Forum and workshops.  We are seriously considering these suggestions (slide 7).
  • In reference to the topics to be discussed at conferences, the respondents indicated industry trends followed by regulatory issues (slide 8).

If members have further questions and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us ( or

To view the Survey Report Slides please click on the attachment:  Member survey 02-2013

Joachim C Bartels
Managing Director