The Business Information Industry Association strives to:

  • Provide a neutral, open forum through which our members, business information users, regulators, and government and public information sectors can debate and resolve common issues.
  • Promote the information content industry by demonstrating the value of information for businesses and national economies.
  • Serve as a resource on industry standards, trends, technological developments, and policies.
  • Advocate a legal regulatory environment beneficial to the industry.
  • Provide a valuable platform for networking.

In line with its mission, BIIA sponsors forums where users, regulators, and academics meet with information industry executives to discuss critical issues. We also represent members in summits on international standards and regulations, such as a World Bank taskforce to develop the General Principles for Credit Reporting. BIIA is a standing member of the World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting, which recently published its recommendations on Facilitating SME Financing through Improved Credit Reporting.

BIIA and its members collectively represent an industry position as expressed by its code of conduct, best demonstrated practices and a self-regulatory framework

BIIA Forum