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The BIIA Newsletter February II – 2012 Issue is posted on this website:  To read the full story click on the attachment: BIIA NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY II – 2012 ISSUE

Late Breaking News:

  • Business Information:  The annual report season has begun: What grows and what does not?
    • There are some interesting comparisons:  Equifax overall revenues were up 5% for the full year and were buoyed by strong 4th quarter results.  It got accolades from analysts.
    • D&B’s results were up also 5% for the full year, however analysts expected more and D&B’s stock dropped.
    • Thomson Reuters revenues grew 5% and analysts expected more and the stock dropped.
  • BIIA Network Group on LinkedIn has reached 500 members
  • Taxonomy:  The route to value added
  • Outsell: Five technologies to watch
  • Indian E-commerce rises
  • Outsell preliminary industry forecast:  The largest players outperformed the industry average

Member News:

  • D&B disappoints with low growth in its US RMS  – Stock price drops
  • Veda Australia launches new personal property securities register
  • Equifax reports strong fourth quarter and full year results

Industry News:

  • Experian QAS launches new medical and insurance compliance tool
  • Experian plc. (ARD) announces new cross-platform media planning service
  • Bureau van Dijk offers information on patent holders and patents
  • InboundScore:  A new tool to prioritize sales leads

News from China:

  • Alibaba Group may take b2b division private as part of Yahoo deal
  • CTRISKS Rating Limited reports financial stress in clothing and accessory and real estate holding sectors
  • China b2b online sourcing market size estimated at US$ 1.15 billion

Consumer Credit Information

  • Data mining from social networks – a discussion on LinkedIn
  • The shape of things to come – What does Mobil Phone Usage say about credit-worthiness
  • China’s consumers with global influence  –  The worrying aspect of over-indebtedness

People on the Move

  • D&B appoints Paul D Ballew Chief Data and Analytics Officer
  • House cleaning at S&P
  • Yahoo:  Jerry Yang Resigns

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