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Western Credit Information markets appear to recover rather slowly as indicated by the Q2 results of major information services suppliers.
Credit Rating: Standard and Poor’s Q2 results were sluggish as the momentum gained in Q1 seem to have come to a halt reporting only 1.6% revenue growth (see page 6 McGraw-Hill Company; stock closed up $.57 to 30.69 – 52 wk Range 23.55 – 36.94). Moody’s reported a 6% revenue growth (Page 11) – (Moody’s stock closed down $0.09 to $23.55 – 52wk Range 18.50 – 31.04). With uncertainty in the regulatory arena removed (see page 15) the industry can now turn their attention to market and operational issues.
Credit Information: D&B core revenues were down 3%. D&B’s North American RMS reported negative growth of 5% with the S&MS segment growth was down 10%. D&B International’s respectable double digit growth (11%) did not offset the softness in North American Markets (Page 7). D&B stock closed 2.5 point lower to $68.6 (52wk Range 65.50 – 84.95)
Equifax’s US credit information solutions are still in decline (7%); however growth in international markets and TALX offset the negative growth with consolidated revenues up by 7% (Page 8)(Stock closed down $0.04 to $31.34 – 52wk Range 26.64 – 36.63)

Experian’s key markets are slowly on the mend with credit information and decision analytics still in negative territory, nevertheless with the help of its international markets overall results were a respectable 9% (Page 10) (Stock closed down 7.50 pence to 627.5 pence – 52wk Range 516.6 – 664.5 pence (Sterling).