Dear Members,

The BIIA November I – 2015 Issue is posted on this website.  To download the document click on this link:  BIIA Newsletter November I – 2015 Issue

Late Breaking News:

  • BIIA 10th Anniversary Conference –  A Global Gathering with a Regional Flavor
  • Forrester Research’s Quick Take on European Court Of Justice Declares

Safe Harbor Invalid

Member News:

  • Bisnode Acquires AIS Nordic
  • Arachnys: Lack of Transparency and Data Availability makes MENA “a Black Hole for Litigation”
  • CRIF in Strategic Expansion in Business Information Services in China
  • CRIF Partners with MF Group in e-Commerce Sector
  • Experian and Client T-Mobil Sued over Data Hack Affecting 15 Million People
  • Experian Launches Report Highlighting Consumer Credit Trend Data
  • Experian to Build Fraud Monitoring Framework for India Life Insurers

Industry News:

  • Equifax Launches Credit-Based Marketing Products for Automotive Industry
  • Equifax Q3 2015 Revenue Up 9% after FX – 12% in Local Currency
  • Revolutionizing the Auditing Process for Accountancy Firms Serving SMEs
  • LexisNexis Risk Provides Identification and Geolocation Services to Nevada Gaming Companies
  • Moody’s Q3 2015 Revenues Up 2% after FX – 7% in Local Currency

News from China:

  • Sesame Riles Regulator with Promotions for Credit Scoring Services
  • Alipay Payment Systems Not Flawless
  • Alibaba Q3 Revenue Up 32%
  • Alibaba Invest in India’s Paytm
  • Alibaba Rolls-out another US Data Center
  • DHgate Upgrades its Supplier Certification Rating System

People on the Move:

  • Sandra E. Peterson Retires from D&B Board
  • D&B Appoints Josh Peirez President and Chief Operating Officer. Names Curtis Brown Chief Content and Technology Officer
  • FICO Board Elects Marc F. McMorris as Director

The BIIA 10th Anniversary Business Information Conference was a great success.  The event was sold out.  The success can be contributed to many ideas for topics submitted by members and sponsors.  We had an outstanding slate of speakers.  The committee and the conference team did an outstanding job in making this a memorable event.  Presentations can be downloaded from:

We thank our board members and sponsors for their great support.   Many of BIIA’s board member were actively involved in the conference.


Joachim C Bartels

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief